Kamala Harris’ uncle happy with her speeches

G Balachandran

Chennai: As Kamala Harris took oath as the new Vice-President of the United States, her maternal uncle G Balachandran expressed his happiness over the mention of Kamala’s mother in her election campaign speeches.

“I am quite relieved that everything happened in due course. Now I can actually see her (Kamala Harris) doing the work. The way Biden and Harris issued executive orders just after swearing-in, I am confident that they will succeed in what they were trying to do,” Balachandran said.

When asked about her speech, Balachandran said the newly-elected US Vice President is a ‘good speaker’.

“I am happy that she remembered her mother in her campaign speeches,” he added.

On Indo-US relations, Balachandran said, “There are areas which demand lots of negotiations. But, certainly, the relation between the two countries will be stronger”.

He believes that Biden’s victory would rebuild various international ties severed by former President Donald Trump during his tenure.

Balachandran said that he would visit the US as soon as he receives his Covid-19 vaccination.


NT Bureau