Mughda’s secret to fitness

Mugdha Godse has now taken up intermittent fasting to keep her going and her fitness game is absolutely on point.

She has taken to new routines, new regimes and most things are working absolutely great for her as we can all see the results.

Intermittent fasting is a process where one eats all the meals with a window of 8 hours in 24 days and doesn’t eat throughout the other remaining hours.

She says, ‘Intermittent fasting is working so well for me. My body feels extremely energetic. It gives up the toxins and the excess fat easily. I eat in a 6-8 hours window from 11am to 7pm in the evening and then the body goes into a fasting state allowing the body to repair tissues and reset itself. This process happening over a period of time helps the body to heal, rejuvenate and really build great immunity. It helps in fat loss as well. However it is supposed to be done under guidance.’