‘Infrastructure reforms must in micro-irrigation’

Chennai: Randhir Chauhan, managing director, Netafim India and senior vice president, Netafim Ltd, has listed his expectations for the upcoming budget.

He said, improvement in agricultural productivity must be done through micro-irrigation.

“Government data suggests that in the year 2019-20, only 11.72 lakh hectare has been covered under micro-irrigation. The current target is to popularise the use of micro-irrigation technology by covering additional 10 million hectares of land in five years. To achieve this ambitious target, it becomes imperative that the government emplaces a mechanism to ensure the smooth flow of funds, thereby ensuring their adequate utilisation by the end beneficiary”, he said.

“Policymakers should consider supporting the states through an additional corpus of funds either by direct special assistance program or increasing the existing Micro Irrigation Fund (MIF) set up under NABARD to facilitate the states in mobilising resources for expanding coverage of micro-irrigation,” he added.

“Process streamlining measures in irrigation subsidy and provide infrastructure status to the Micro-irrigation industry. Aligning different schemes together for exponential benefit – Solar and Micro-irrigation, Agriculture alongside Solar installations, and others, and include diversification programs to increase productivity and value in different crops like oilseeds, oil palm and rice with a special focus,” he stated.


NT Bureau