Rahul Gandhi slams new education policy

Chennai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday hit out at the Central government’s New Education Policy, alleging that it is an ‘ideological attack’ on the country’s institutional structure.

“The NEP was brought in without any conversation, discussion, and without even asking teachers if it would be good for the students. This is tragic and will cause tremendous damage to our students,” he said while addressing an event in his north Kerala parliamentary constituency Wayanad.

“This is an ideological attack on India’s institutional structure and on our education system, where one does not need any understanding. As long as they are a member of the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), you can become Vice-Chancellor, Governor, and play whatever role you want to play in the country. This is tragic and we have to fight this with all our strength,” Rahul added.

The former Congress chief further said that India can only be strong if its institutions are strong, and if multiple ideas challenge each other peacefully.

He also hit out at the Centre’s ‘attempt to digitise education’, saying that it would cause ‘tremendous damage to students’.

“The human touch of the teacher and real conversations are central to knowledge. You cannot replace the teacher with the internet or a computer. A teacher is not just a transfer of information. A teacher gives the child wisdom that no computer can do,” he said.


NT Bureau