Great Lakes Institute resumes classes with Covid restrictions

Chennai: Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, has introduced a special schedule for students on campus in adherence to Covid-19 protocols.

According to a press release, from wearing of masks to social distancing, the LEED platinum rated campus in Asia has prepped and trained their support and administration staff completely to resume classes for undergraduate and post-graduate students on the Chennai campus in line with Tamilnadu government’s consent.

Students have been moved to different blocks to ensure a gathering of maximum five people at a time in each place. Additionally, hand sanitisers have been placed across the campus and security staff has been deployed to monitor the strict obedience towards social distancing norms by students as well as the staff.

Dr Bala V Balachandran, founder, chairman & dean (Emeritus), said, ‘Right from installing plexi-glass in our classrooms with strict social distancing norms to frequently testing students and staff on campus, we have been successful in creating a bio-bubble on the Great Lakes LEED Platinum rated campus’.