e-Kaiyoppam launched in TN for paperless contracts

Chennai: The National e-Governance Services Limited (NeSL) has launched e-Kaiyoppam- an online platform for paperless execution of non-registrable Contracts and Agreements in Tamilnadu.

The digitised execution would serve well particularly in the current pandemic situation, according to a release.

The State has witnessed rapid urbanisation of late and processes an extensive number of non-registrable contracts like Rent Agreements, Affidavits, Bank Guarantees, Power of Attorneys, etc.

The e-Kaiyoppam platform aims to digitise all these contracts and facilitate all the parties to remotely stamp and sign these documents.

With e-Kaiyoppam, the parties, to a non-registrable contract, do not have to be physically present to sign or stamp the contract.

Equipped with NeSL’s e-Signing and e-Stamping features embedded within the e-Kaiyoppam platform, the parties can sign and stamp the contracts virtually anytime, from anywhere.

For example, when executing a Rent Agreement, all the parties (lessor, lessee, and witnesses) can view the Rent Agreement online on the e-Kaiyoppam platform, e-Stamp it through the platform’s payment gateway and e-Sign the same using their Aadhar-registered mobile number, without any intervention of a broker or staff of the Registrar’s office.

Executing a non-registrable contract through the e-Kaiyoppam platform is simple, easy, and fast. Just sign-up on e-Kaiyoppam, verify your identity, activate your e-Kaiyoppam account, log in and get started. The user will be helped at all stages by the user-driven menus throughout the transaction.


NT Bureau