‘Road crashes in India up household poverty, debt’

Chennai: More than 75 percent of poor households in India reported a decline in their income as a result of a road traffic crash.

The financial loss for the poor amounted to more than seven months’ household income, while it was equivalent to less than one month’s household income for rich households, says a new World Bank report.

Titled ‘Traffic Crash Injuries and Disabilities: The Burden on Indian Society’, the report highlights the disproportionate impact of a road crash on poor households that pushes them into a vicious cycle of poverty and debt. It sheds light on the links between road crashes, poverty, inequality, and vulnerable road users in India.

The study was done in collaboration with SaveLIFE Foundation – a national non-governmental organisation focused on road safety. Based on the survey data collected from four Indian states – Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra, the research assesses the social, financial, gender, and psychological impacts of road crashes on poor and disadvantaged households.

The report recommends policy-oriented approaches for saving lives and improving the ability of victims and their families to get back on their feet, including providing immediate financial, medical and legal aid.


NT Bureau