Singles want to forget V-Day: Survey

Chennai: Funny memes showing the ‘feelings’ of singles reflect the reality, if one is to go by what a latest survey suggests.

While couples got ready to celebrate Valentine’s day, for singles it was a day best forgotten, says the study.

“46 per cent singles feel that one of the most annoying things about Valentine’s Day is being asked- ‘So, what’s the plan?’,” said the results of the survey conducted by

“In fact, over one third of the respondents admitted to feeling needless pressure on V-Day. Friends are the most annoying part of this day, with over 64 per cent respondents stating that they experience some form of teasing from their near and dear ones,” it said.

An outcome of this societal pressure on V-Day is that 40 per cent feel the pressure to be with someone on Valentine’s Day. And 62 per cent singles feel that one of the toughest things about Valentine’s day is being lonely.


NT Bureau