Ganesapuram is based on real-life incident

Ganesapuram, produced by Kasimayan for Sanjay Shyam Pictures, is directed by Veerangan. A film with Madurai as its backdrop, the movie is all set to release soon.

The story revolves around friendship, love, and treachery.

Says the filmmaker, ‘The story is set in similar milieus but Ganesapuram is a real-life incident that the hero of the film Chinna went through in his real life. When we discussed the story, it made for an interesting movie.” The director added that the story is set in the 90s. “Firstly, the script was a challenge because we needed to give it a unique treatment. Also, the film is set in the 90s. So we shot it in a village near Madurai that has a 90s outlook and we erected sets for the rest of the portions.’

The film has Risha Haridas playing the female lead and Rajasai composing the tunes.