Can the youth shake up politics, policy in India?

Chennai: Experts who spoke at a webinar expressed concern over lack of youth representation in policy and governance.

The webinar titled ‘Can the youth shake up politics and policy in India’ allowed for academic discourse on a multitude of topics while majorly discussing the youth, policies and politics of India.

Issues of privatization, farm bills and the government’s way of expressing themselves at the grassroot level were brought to the table at the webinar organised by Kautilya School of Public Policy.

Actor Swara Bhaskar said, ‘the youth in India is not a homogenous but a large entity. It is ridden with class, caste, regional divides. We have seen the youth in this country already shape politics. In 2014, the big reason for the government coming to power was the number of votes they got from the youth. So, the youth is a shifting category. What unites the youth in this country today is technology and access to technology. The youth are constantly engaging and responding to policy and that cannot be ignored.”

Shazia Ilmi, spokesperson of the BJP, on the issue of criminalising protest and the impact it has on the youth stated that “It depends on who you’re talking to and the side you’re on. For the people who have just turned 18 or just entered politics, they need to Google and would find many cases of police atrocities and State repression done by previous regimes. I believe that as it did not stop me from joining politics, it should not for others.”


NT Bureau