Reeth Mazumder’s special wedding

On Valentine’s day, Reeth tied the knot with a French Canadian Podcaster and filmmaker, Austin Roberts, in  private wedding ceremony.
Reeth, who mainly worked in international projects with a bag full of award-winning festival films, was last seen as a leading lady in her Hindi feature, Scandall and Bengali movie Porobashinee 2017.
Now Reeth is an award-winning women writer-director in Canada. She is currently working in North America with a feature script for a former CBC television network producer and a German Series. She had a glamorous image post her debut in a Scandall, and then she had a barrage of offers for raunchy comedies or glamorous roles, whereas she wanted to work in arthouse cinema.
She says, ‘I wanted to work with directors such as Anurag Kashyap, Kaushik Ganguly, Anuraag Basu, but the offers were for glam roles. I was pigeonholed in Bollywood in a particular image, so I decided to follow my true calling. Life has been good ever since I moved to New York and then to Canada to write and direct, which I believe is one of the best decisions of my life.’
When we asked her where she met Roberts, she coyly answered that Austin and I graduated from the same film school, and I met him on a film set three years ago; the rest is history… ‘It’s a little fairytale.’