Sasikala exit: What does the BJP & Congress say?

Chennai: Expelled AIADMK leader Sasikala’s decision to quit politics and public life, has been met with several reactions from political leaders across parties.

BJP general secretary for Tamilnadu, Srinivasan, said, “I welcome Sasikala’s decision to quit politics. I also wish AMMK chief TTV Dhinakaran too makes a similar move”.

Meanwhile, Tamilnadu Congress Committee president Alagiri said, “Although Sasikala is experienced, she does not have the required personality to rule. It is good that she did not fall into the trap laid by the BJP for her”.

Earlier, the close confidante of former CM J Jayalalithaa had announced her move to stay away from politics.

In a statement, she said, “I have never been after power or position even when Jayalalithaa was alive. Won’t do that after she is dead. I am quitting politics but I pray that her party wins, and her legacy goes on”.

“I urge supporters of AIADMK to all work together and defeat the DMK (the primary opposition). I urge the party cadre to work to keep her legacy going,” she added.


NT Bureau