Review: Anbirkinyal

Doing remakes is never an easy task.Director Gokul has retained the core essence of Malayalam movie Helen to come up with Anbirkiniyal. A survival thriller, the movie is engaging, engrossing and entertaining.

If the first half talks about father-daughter bonding, the second half deals in detail about the survival instincts of a girl who gets struck in a cold storage room.

Arun Pandian and Keerthi Pandian play the key roles. If the former is good in pouring emotions, the latter goes ll guns blazing playing a girl desperate to find ways to make her way out from the cold storage room. There is romance in between and a police officer who plays spoilsport on attempts to trace Anbirkiniyal.

Keerthi and Arun Pandian are real-life dad and daughter and hence the first half of the movie looks quite natural. Gokul has flawlessly directed the thriller portions and maintained the momentum until the climax.

Keerthi has done her part exceedingly well. She is bubbly and enthusiastic as the movie begins. In the latter half, her performance gets intense.

A faithful remake, Anbirkiniyal is sure to keep audience in their seat-edge. With minimum characters and no over the board scenes,  it is a good watch.