Two Chennai hospitals carry out rare feat

Chennai: It’s not without reason that Chennai is being hailed as healthcare capital of the country. Here are interesting updates from two city-based hospitals.

Kauvery Hospital is seeing senior citizens from across the city and administering their dose of vaccine for Covid-19. Among them was a family with three generation women, aged 102 years, 74 years and 58 years respectively.

“The vaccine is safe and I urge everyone to take it immediately as I did,” said C R Kamalammal, the 102-year-old.

Meanwhile, SIMS Hospital has recently saved the life of a 35-year-old Oman citizen by correcting three complex anomalies of his aorta in a single-stage, marathon surgery. The patient was airlifted from Oman in an emergency condition, after he developed intense chest pain all of a sudden.

While correcting Type-A dissection itself is a huge surgical challenge, the medical team at SIMS went ahead treating it as well as the other two anomalies, in a single-stage surgery that lasted for about eight hours, even when the patient was admitted in an emergency condition. The surgery was uneventful and the patient is doing well, claimed the hospital.


NT Bureau