‘Warriors of Society’ award for Dr Rajan

Chennai: Kotak Mahindra Group has honoured professor Dr Mohan Rajan with the ‘Warriors of Society’ award for his initiatives during the pandemic to take eye care to rural populations and also provide relief to the needy.

‘Covid Slum Relief Project’ initiated by Rajan Eye Care Hospital and Chennai Vision Charitable Trust in May 2020 provided relief to residents of around 200 slums in and around Chennai, says a press release.

According to Dr Mohan Rajan, the Chennai city police personnel, members of Tamilnadu camera professionals association, a transgender association and a golf caddies association and government hospital personnel, sanitary workers, Metro Water drivers and cleaners were among the beneficiaries.

Each relief kit consisted of rice, wheat, dhal, bread, vegetables, milk, masks, sanitisers, sanitary napkins, detergent and bathing soaps, 3M goggles and face shields and nitrile gloves.


NT Bureau