Review: Ganesapuram

Ganesapuram, produced by Kasimayan for Sanjay Shyam Pictures, is directed by Veerangan. A film with Madurai as its backdrop, the movie revolves around friendship, love, and treachery.

The film has Chinna and Risha Haridas playing the lead and Rajasai composing the tunes. Besides playing the lead, Chinna has also written the story, based on a real-life incident.

Chinna along with his friends involve in burglaries in a village near Madurai. A local bigwig helps them come out when caught by police. Chinna comes across Rishabh falls for her. He vows not to involve in robbery again. In a sequence of events, Chinna cross swords with a local panchayath chief and beats him. His son now wants to bump off Chinna. A revenge drama begins.

Chinna does a decent job and does emote week. Risha is tailor-made for the role. Songs by Rajasai are good whole Vasu’s camera captures village beauty well.

Director Veerangan has tried to go earthy amd rural and succeeded partially. Ganesapuram speaks more about friendship and lose but could have been better has the emotions worked out well on screen.