Aathmika aims high

Aathmika who made a successful debut in Hip Hop Adhi’s Meesaiya Murukku is confident of establishing herself as an actress who would do varied roles in Tamil cinema.
Pinning hopes on her next Kodiyil Oruvan, she says, ‘To share the screen with Vijay Antony was a delight. The film has come really good’.
Directed by Anand Krishnan, the movie also stars Ramachandra Raju, Prabhakar among others.
Excerpts from her interview
Q: Tell us about your role in Kodiyil Oruvan?
A: I play a college student and I have enough scope on screen. There is rance and emotion on screen for me. Shooting for the movie was a great joy.
Q: On sharing the screen with Vijay Antony?
A: He is a thorough professional. He knows his strengths. He under plays emotions but when you look on screen, it comes out well. A real hero he is. As soon as lockdown was lifted, he readily agreed to shoot for Kodiyil Oruvan with necessary precautions.
Q: Why did you agree to do the movie?
A: When Anand Krishnan narrated the script to me, I was thoroughly impressed. In understood it has necessary emotion and my character was excellent. It is not the regular heroine that we see on screen. She is part of the story.