Rs 3.21 cr seized in Srivilliputhur

Chennai: Election Commission Flying Squad has seized Rs 3.21 crores of cash in Srivilliputhur Assembly constituency.

The Srivilliputhur Returning Officer has confirmed that the Flying Squad seized Rs 3.21 crore of unaccounted cash in the constituency.

The Election Commission of India on Wednesday announced that Rs 127.64 crore worth cash and other things were seized in Tamilnadu so far during poll related checks.

Out of the five States that are facing the Assembly elections- Tamilnadu, Puducherry, Assam, Kerala and West Bengal, TN is on top when it comes to seizures.

While the value of cash and other goods seized in West Bengal is Rs 112.59 crore, Rs 63.75 crore is the value of seizures in Assam, Rs 21.77 crore in Kerala and Rs 5.72 crore in Puducherry.

“For effective monitoring to curb black money in General Election to Legislative Assemblies of Assam, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Union Territory of Puducherry, Election Commission of India has deployed 295 Expenditure Observers,” the EC said in a statement.


NT Bureau