Major online piracy racket busted

Chennai: In a recent development, a complaint was filed at the Cyber Crime Police Station, Faridabad, alleging that a company that reportedly manufactures face masks and PPE kits, is also illegally stealing signals from various Indian and international broadcasters, running backend operations such as sales of boxes, tech support and activation of boxes, and causing crores of losses to the entire industry.

Around 70-80 per cent of key international markets have been penetrated by pirates.

More than 400 Indian and numerous international channels are illegally streamed in these regions, without paying any fees to Indian broadcasters.

If major pirates across the globe are shut down, it will open an estimated around USD 113 million for the industry.

The identification of the piracy racket by YuppTV, a leading OTT player, is being viewed a positive step for the entire industry.

Major private broadcasters are also in support of the crusade against the pirate cartel, which is illegally streaming premium Indian content offering all the top broadcaster networks by selling service across the world.


NT Bureau