Campaign to boost confidence in women

Chennai: Amongst the chaos of being locked in your homes and going through a roller coaster with more downs than up, the past year was also an opportunity to explore something new.

As the world explored new and exciting ways to stay occupied, women were the ones who ever-so-gracefully managed to come out stronger and more confident than before.

With their never give up attitude and looking at things with a fresh perspective, women have stepped up in more ways than one, not just surviving but thriving.

To celebrate this fresh and never back down attitude of the women of today, Yardley has released a new campaign.

A film has been released which shows a woman in her mid-twenties performing some graceful classical move on a rather modern beat, giving it her own, fresh spin.

But she doesn’t stop at that, when asked to perform by her instructor, she chooses to share it with the whole world by going live and getting an overwhelming response.


NT Bureau