Editorial: Playing with lives

As Myanmar’s military celebrated the annual Armed Forces Day holiday with a parade Saturday in the country’s capital, soldiers and police elsewhere killed scores of people while suppressing protests in the deadliest bloodletting since last month’s coup.

The online news site Myanmar Now reported late Saturday that the death toll had reached 114. A count issued by an independent researcher in Yangon who has been compiling near-real time death tolls put the total at 107, spread over more than two dozen cities and towns. That’s more than the previous high on March 14, which ranged from 74 to 90.

The killings quickly drew international condemnation, including a joint statement from the defense chiefs of 12 countries. A professional military follows international standards for conduct and is responsible for protecting not harming the people it serves, it said.

We urge the Myanmar Armed Forces to cease violence and work to restore respect and credibility with the people of Myanmar that it has lost through its actions. The European Union’s delegation to Myanmar said that the 76th Myanmar Armed Forces Day will stay engraved as a day of terror and dishonor.

The killing of unarmed civilians, including children, are indefensible acts, it added. US Ambassador Thomas Vajda in a statement said security forces are murdering unarmed civilians. These are not the actions of a professional military or police force, he wrote. Myanmar’s people have spoken clearly: they do not want to live under military rule.

The death toll in Myanmar has been steadily rising as authorities grow more forceful in suppressing opposition to the Feb. 1 coup that ousted the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi. The coup reversed years of progress toward democracy after five decades of military rule. Figures collected by the Yangon researcher, who asked not to be named for his security, have generally tallied with the counts issued at the end of each day by the Assistance Association of Political Prisoners, which documents deaths and arrests and is widely seen as a definitive source.

The Associated Press is unable to independently confirm the death tolls. Up through Friday, the association had verified 328 deaths in the post-coup crackdown. Let peace prevail.


NT Bureau