Cash, liquor & jewels: The seizure story of  TN

Chennai: Ever since the model code of conduct came into force in Tamilnadu in view of the 6 April Assembly elections, seizures of cash and other things has become a daily affair.

According to officials, seizures in the State were to the tune of Rs 319 crore, including Rs 142.29 crore in cash, liquor valued at Rs 2.4 crore and precious metals at Rs 156.19 crore.

Flying squads, Static surveillance team and IT department are operating in full measure.

A total amount of Rs 147 crore cash has been seized by the flying squads and the IT department. More than one lakh 89 thousand litres of liquor valued at Rs two crore were seized by the State prohibition and excise department.

Tobacco and ganja worth more than one crore was seized by the Police authorities. Eight hundred kilograms of gold, silver and other metals worth more than Rs 150 crore was seized.

More than 16 crore worth cookers, laptops and sarees which was to be given for distribution was also seized.


NT Bureau