Chennai air passenger smuggles gold inside mask

Chennai: A passenger who reached Chennai from Dubai was intercepted at exit by Customs officials as he was trying to rush through.

On questioning he appeared to be nervous and his voice was not clearly audible. He was asked to take off his mask which he resisted initially. His mask appeared to be unusually heavy. On cut opening the mask abrown color pouch wrapped with adhesive tapes was found sandwiched between two masks stitched together. Total 85 grams of gold paste was recovered which on extraction yielded 65 grams of 24K purity gold valued at Rs 2.93 lakh and same was seized under Customs Act.

Further, on search of his check-in bag, 10 iPhones 12 Pro, 8 used iPhones, 9 used
laptops, 2 cartons of Gudang Garam cigarettes, totally valued at Rs 8.2 lakh were also recovered and seized.

Gold, iPhones, used laptops and cigarettes, totally valued at Rs 11.13 lakh were recovered and seized under Customs Act, said Commissioner of Customs, Chennai International Airport.


NT Bureau