Planning to travel? Here’s your checklist

Chennai: Travellers take note! It’s time you add a few new essentials to your checklist as you pack masks, sanitisers and disinfectants among a few other safety and hygiene must-haves for your travel.

This checklist will help you plan a safe, seamless and most importantly, an amibiguity-free travel in these uncertain times.

Staying watchful of the ongoing uncertanity and planning your air travel accordingly is the best that you can do as you firm up your travel dates.

But given the evolving sceanrios one cannot worry least about the change in air fares –leaving many to think whether they should wait and consequently risk fare hike, or book the ticket right away.

So, here’s what flyers can do as they finalize their travel. Lock fares and reserve their seats without paying for the actual price of the ticket upfront, says MakeMyTrip. With this flyers can also secure themselves against any price hike as they can purchase the ticket at the same locked-in price later.

2020 was a year of disappointment for travel lovers and having waited long enough for that holiday, you would not want anything to jinx it. But having a Plan B or C is important in these times? So, while you prepare for that much-awaited summer holiday with your loves ones, take out a few minutes to opt for a Corona Protection Plan.

It is always wise to prepare for any uncertainty than being sorry later. Yes, it sounds harsh but as unforgiving the virus is, it’s always advisable to take some preventive measures beforehand. Hence, Covid travel insurance is a must to protect you and your loved ones.


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