Pelvic floor clinic inaugurated in Chennai

Chennai: Director of Medical and Rural Health Services Dr S Gurunathan inaugurated a comprehensive speciality clinic in Tamilnadu – ‘Gem Pelvic Floor Clinic’ in Chennai.

PFDs cause serious social, economical, physical and psychological problems especially for women that significantly reduce their quality of life.

Even though PFDs are stressful and cause serious discomfort to women, they often endure the pain in silence and are embarrassed to seek proper treatment for the problem.

Speaking on the occasion, Gurunathan extended his best wishes to Dr C Palanivelu, Chairman, Gem Hospital and the team of doctors for opening the speciality care centre.

Dr Palanivelu said the clinic will take necessary steps to create awareness among public on PFD symptoms and the need for getting the treatment at the right time.


NT Bureau