Allu Arjun greets his brother

Allu Arjun took to his social media to congratulate his younger brother Allu Sirish on the big success of his debut Hindi song Vilayati Sharaab. The song has garnered over 100 million views on YouTube in a short span of time and has also inspired a fest of dance covers and reels.

Big congratulations to Allu Sirish on hitting 100 million. Super proud! Congratulations to the entire team,’ wrote Allu Arjun. Replying to the Icon Staar, Sirish said, ‘A big thank you from me & Vilayati Sharaab team.’

Sirish also thanked his fans and music lovers for all the love they have showered on him and the song. ‘A big thank you to the music lovers, people all over India for showering so much love on Vilayati Sharaab. 100 million views and topping charts was something I didn’t imagine at all. Congratulations to Darshan Raval, Neeti Mohan, Heli Daruwala and our whole VS Team.’