25 patients die at Delhi hospital due to oxygen shortage

New Delhi: Twenty five patients suffering from Covid-19, most of who were admitted to the critical care unit of Jaipur Golden hospital in Rohini, Delhi, died due to low oxygen pressure as the hospital’s oxygen stock ran dry, hospital officials said.

According to Dr Deep Baluja, medical director of the hospital, ‘We lost 25 patients almost all of whom were in critical care unit and on a high flow of oxygen. Our liquid medical oxygen was over by about 10 pm and then we switched over to the oxygen cylinders attached to the main gas pipeline. There was a drop in pressure and the patients could not survive.’

At least 215 Covid patients admitted at the hospital are critical and in dire need of oxygen, he added.
Jaipur Golden Hospital is the second hospital in the city to sent SOS over shortage of oxygen this morning.

This comes a day after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal flagged the severe oxygen crisis faced by the national capital and ‘catastrophic’ events that may follow if Delhi’s demand for liquid medical oxygen is not met. Kejriwal said some state governments are stopping tankers meant for Delhi to meet their requirement.