Uncovering Asthma misconceptions

Chennai: In these unprecedented times, the burden of lung diseases has increased manifold.

As we get hit by the second wave of Covid, citizens are also getting hit by a great deal of misinformation around lung health.

This is especially true for asthma wherein there are a lot of misconceptions.

This World Asthma Day let us dispel myths and fears regarding asthma and encourage those affected by this condition to live a healthy life.

The Global Burden of Disease Report: ‘In India, around 93 million people suffer from chronic
respiratory diseases; out of this, around 37 million are Asthmatics. India contributes to only 11.1 per cent of the global asthma burden, however, it accounts for over 42 per cent of all global asthma deaths making it the
asthma capital of the world’.

Talking about asthma, Dr S Balamurugan, HOD, Muthukumaran Medical College, Chennai
explained, ‘Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder of the lungs in which there is inflammation (swelling) of the airways in the lungs. Due to this inflammation, the airways are narrowed, and the lungs become vulnerable to various allergens which act as triggers for an asthma attack. Dust, cold, pollen, furry pets, viruses air pollutants, and even emotional agitation act as triggers for an asthma attack. These attacks can be prevented via inhalation therapy which requires long term medication.

The misconceptions that these medications are addictive is wrong and we need to counter them with right awareness on asthma.’

NT Bureau