Covid: Panic grips as 4,205 deaths reported in 24 hours in India

New Delhi: The number of new coronavirus infections in India has peaked, according to a new tracker developed by researchers at Cambridge Judge Business School and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

But there is substantial variation among states and union territories in their trajectories, with cases continuing to increase over the next two weeks in areas such as Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Tripura, the researchers wrote.

The projections are based on reported numbers and are in line with those from some other experts, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s advisers. India reported a record 414,188 new cases on May 7 — about 32% higher than the world’s previous peak reported by the U.S. last year but with just a fraction of the testing and vast undercounting — and official data suggest daily deaths could continue near the unprecedented 4,000-level.

India’s daily Covid death count hit a new grim record with 4,205 deaths in the last 24 hours; 3,48,421 fresh cases have been added to the active caseload amid the battle against the second wave, which has raised global concern.

Nearly 30 lakh infections have been recorded by the country since May 5. India’s total death count passed the 2.5 lakh-mark this morning, Health Ministry data showed. The fresh surge takes active cases to 37,04,099; overall cases rose to 2.33 crore. The positivity rate stood at 17.56 per cent.

In the last 24 hours, 19,83,804 samples were tested, the most in a day since the pandemic broke. Per government data, 24,46,674 vaccine doses were administered in a new record since India began the world’s largest vaccine drive on January 16.

This is the second consecutive day to see daily new cases drop below the 3.5 lakh mark in India. Worldwide, 15.96 crore infections have been reported since the pandemic broke.

Shocking images have emerged from areas near the Uttar-Pradesh-Bihar border of bodies being tossed in to the Ganga, leading to a blame game. Locals say ambulance drivers are throwing bodies of Covid patients into the river.

Hit hard by the second wave, nearly 90 per cent of the country is witnessing a high positivity rate, the government said on Tuesday, stressing that 640 districts out of the 734 are above the national threshold level of five per cent.


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