Only care factor can save the people, says expert

Chennai: If you do not care about others eventually you cannot love, empathise or do the right things. Care for others will automatically ensure that you care for yourself too at the sub-conscious level. Care creates a win-win situation. Care develops awareness. Feel-good care cures, says professor Vijaykumar Jayaram (VKJ).

Speaking to ‘News Today’, VKJ says, “Let us remind ourselves of the past medical articles or some knowledge on sickness and medicines. Living in India, by now we would have heard that most of the human diseases have a psychosomatic influence. Similar to the famous adage – as you think so you become! In order to understand the power of caring let us revisit a few important things and events.”

“From the TedX wellness/healthcare talks, presentations given by medical stalwarts
and legends like Dr BM Hedge et al, we are educated about the Placebo effect –
which is similar to the psychosomatic influence. These legends have created a new awareness regarding the fear factor and how to face diseases.”

He adds, “In medicine research Placebo groups are volunteers who are made to believe that they have received a medicine or cure procedure. In fact they are given an inert pill or inert jabs, and the belief in the patient is so strong that some of them start to recover! Placebo groups are used to benchmark with the vaccination trial groups in order to find out the treatment’s efficacy. In fact the belief in caring works both ways – belief with inert or no medicine vs belief with trial medicine or vaccine. Therefore the care factor or belief becomes the common denominator for all sorts treatments and recovery.”

“Another natural fact is all animals and humans possess viruses in their bodies!
Actually we should not term them as virus for they are the rejected RNA particles
(from the food we consume) which gets expunged from our bodies in some way or
the other. The term virus has evolved only to be feared for good purposes, whereas to even care for itself!And that is why health issues crop up more during your very busy don’t care for others career times, also when you do not have the time for self introspection or regulation. Diabetes, anxiety or panic attacks, cancer, heart attack, strokes, DVTs (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and the list of other diseases become difficult to cure due to lack of the care factor. If the care factors in a personality are good, then the person can generate more happiness hormones, immunity and will show a positive response to medical treatment,” he adds.

The difference in care factor can be seen among people living in Manhattan and of
those living in Madras. In Chennai (Madras) if someone faints on the street, pairs
of feet will rush to the rescue, but in USA on the Manhattan streets nobody will bother to rescue the person, till some good soul finally dials up 911 emergency, elaborates VKJ.

“This care factor is not an exaggeration, these are facts I have witnessed in both the places. Therefore I say, the Indian care quotient is much more than that of Italy or USA when it comes to human relations. But in the case of our Indian currency no matter what denomination, if it is a little bit torn or taped everyone will refuse to accept it. Our shopkeeper, bus conductor or bank teller will draw a long face. Whereas in USA the cash dollar is readily accepted by customers or merchants even if it soiled, torn or taped. Another Google search for us to learn – the Americans care and trust more in their currency than us-Indians,” he winds up.


NT Bureau