CIA’s requests to govt ahead of GST meet

Chennai: The second Covid wave has wiped over 40 per cent of MSMEs involved in various sectors such as tourism, gym, salons and spas, hospitality, automobile, real estate, electronics, general engineering fabricators, transporters, media and press, architects, consultants and many more, said K E Raghunathan, convenor of Consortium of Indian Associations.
In a statement here ahead of GST council meet, he said, ‘Our request for urgent consideration is micro enterprises (up to Rs five crore turnover), representing  almost 96 per cent of MSME in our country, depend on auditors and consultants for filing GST returns and pay hefty sum as fees and with shrinking market demand, their sale price is also becoming unaffordable with 18 per cent GST on services rendered.
To save them from the hassle, time and to enable them survive, and to make them concentrate on revival, we request for increase in threshold limit for exemption from GST to Rs five crore turnover to cover for FY 2021-22.’
He added: ‘With unemployment raising, to make it affordable by a commonman, needing to fight  Covid with related materials such as sanitiser, mask, medicines, availing insurance coverage , oxygen cylinder, medical treatments, PPE kits etc, they all must be exempted from all types of GST both for input and output.’
He said that if the above two requests are not considered, it is equivalent to killing golden egg laying chicken in one stroke.

NT Bureau