50% of Indian families report digestive health issues: Study

Chennai: A latest study has claimed that more than 50 per cent Indian families reported 2-3 digestive health issues.

Gas, acidity and indigestion were found to be amongst the top three issues as more than 50 per cent respondents reported suffering from atleast one of these three, it said.

The findings suggested that 77 per cent Indian mothers consider digestive health to be extremely important, while 56 per cent mothers think their families suffer from digestive health issues.

The study titled ‘A Survey on Digestive Health’ of Indian families, ahead of World Digestive Health Day on 29 May, was commissioned by Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains.

It said more than 50 per cent think that digestive health has an impact on weight management, energy levels, and the experience leads to abnormal bowel movement amongst others. 40 per cent consider their family and their own gut health as ‘Poor’ while husband followed by in-laws/parents and self as most affected, respectively.


NT Bureau