Someone from Russia found vaccine maker in Himachal but Centre failed: HC

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has expressed anguish over the way things have transpired in the second wave of Covid-19 where vaccine shortage is hitting everyone even when the Union government says the best way to fight the pandemic is to vaccinate the entire population.

A bench of Justices Manmohan and Najmi Waziri, which was hearing the issue related to manufacturing of CovidD-19 vaccine Sputnik V by India’s Panacea Biotec in collaboration with Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), said, “Today, we are a bit anguished with the way things have transpired during the second wave. As a responsible citizen you also would be anguished. Vaccine shortage is hitting each and everyone. Even today vaccine is not available in Delhi. You have good products in India, a little handholding will work.”

It added: “Someone from Russia was able to locate infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh but the Centre has failed to do so.”

The Delhi HC directed the government to release arbitral award of over Rs 14 crore along with interest from 2012 to Panacea Biotec for manufacturing Sputnik V vaccine in India subject to the condition that the company gets permission from the Centre to manufacture the vaccine.

The order came on a plea of Panacea Biotec seeking to modify a July 2020 order, by which the firm had undertaken not to prosecute further the execution proceedings instituted by them in relation to an arbitral award, running into crores of rupees, passed in its favour and against the Centre.


NT Bureau