Over my dead body: Kapil Sibal on following Jitin Prasada

Kapil Sibal and Jitin Prasada

New Delhi: After Jitin Prasada switched over to the BJP, there are speculations that many would follow the suit.

Reacting to reports that some members from a group of 23 ‘dissident’ leaders who wrote to Sonia Gandhi calling for sweeping reforms would join the BJP, Kapil Sibal, a prominent member of this club, emphatically ruled out a similar move, declaring it would be ‘Over my dead body’.

He said, “I don’t want to comment on what the party leadership has done or not done. We have reached a stage in Indian politics where decisions of this nature are not based on ideology at all. They are based on what I now call ‘Prasada Ram politics’. Earlier it was Aaya Ram Gaya Ram. We have seen this happening in West Bengal – suddenly people leave because they think BJP is going to succeed…You want to fight elections not on the basis of your convictions towards an ideology but your conviction that ‘I might get something personally’. The same happened in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra…”

Sibal took a dig at former Union Minister Jitin Prasada, who joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday.

Taking to Twitter, Sibal wondered if Prasada is just a ‘catch’ for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.


NT Bureau