RB Choudhary refutes Vishal’s allegations

Actor Vishal filed a police complaint against producer RB Chowdhary alleging that he refused to give back the cheque leaves, promissory notes, and bonds despite Vishal Film Factory clearing the loan amount they borrowed from him.

It’s unacceptable that Mr #RBChoudhary failed to return the Cheque Leaves, Bonds & Promissory Notes months after repaying the loan to him for the Movie #IrumbuThirai, he was evading giving excuses & finally told he has misplaced the documents. We have lodged a complaint with Police, tweeted Vishal.R

Un reply, Chowdhary said, ‘For Irumbuthirai, Vishal borrowed an amount from me and Tiruppur Subramanian. But director Sivakumar (Ayudha Pujai fame) was the one who managed these documents. Unfortunately, he passed away due to a heart attack. We couldn’t find those documents after his demise. Though we have given a written document saying that all the pending amount has been cleared, Vishal is afraid that it would cause him a problem in the future’, said the producer