AIIMS confirms efficacy of Phytorelief to combat Covid

Chennai: AIIMS Patna has confirmed the efficacy of AlchemLife’s Phytorelief in the management of mild and moderate cases of Covid-19 by acting as a natural anti-viral agent which helps in limiting Covid-19 spread in initial stages of the disease.

In a recent clinical study conducted by AIIMS Patna, 100 Covid-19 positive cases with mild and moderate symptoms were tested with Phytorelief. After ten days of treatment with Phytorelief along with standard management, 83 per cent of Covid-19 patients, with mild or moderate symptoms, turned negative.

It was evident from the study that Phytorelief helps in boosting the immunity to fight virus and in turn helps in reducing the viral load. All the Covid-19 mild and moderate patients who were treated with Phytorelief, recovered well and showed significant improvements in all symptoms of Covid-19 like fever, cough, sore throat, and myalgia.


NT Bureau