Mamata Banerjee to marry Socialism in TN village

Chennai: The wedding of Socialism with Mamata Banerjee, in the presence of Communism and Leninism, this weekend is the talk of Tamilnadu, after the wedding invitation has gone viral on social media.

While Socialism is the son of A Mohan, district secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI), Mamata hails from a family of Congress supporters. Socialism has two brothers named Communism and Leninism.

“I named my sons Communism, Leninism and Socialism after many noted that Communism died following the collapse of the Soviet Union. My grandson is called Marxism,” says Mohan.

Mohan adds that in Kattur village, where majority of the people follow the path of communism, it is not uncommon to find people named Russia, Moscow, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Vietnam, Venmani, etc.

On the bride, he says, “She is our relative. Her grandfather is a Congressman who was very inspired by the actions of Mamata Banerjee and hence he wanted to name his granddaughter after her.”

The marriage is slated to take place on 13 June at the bride’s house in Amanikondalampatti village the card states.


NT Bureau