Mamata’s payback time: Says more will come back to her party

Kolkata: Mukul Roy, the BJP’s first import from Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress in Bengal, returned to his former party on Friday along with son Shubhranshu.

Mamata said more will soon come back to the party. Reports said Roy was the first target of Mamata Banerjee’s Operation ‘Return of the Prodigal’.

Reacting to a reporters question, she said that more will come as we known old is always gold. Mukul said that he is feeling seeing his old colleagues and added that nobody will remain in the BJP. He added that Didi is the only leader of Bengal and India. He added that he had no differences with Didi.

The homecoming of its leaders, including those who switched just before the April-May Bengal election, is part of the Trinamool’s forward planning for 2024. Its goal is to prevent a repeat of 2019, when the BJP scored big gains at the Trinamool’s cost.

Mukul Roy was the first big Trinamool leader poached by the BJP nearly four years back in 2017. Ahead of the Assembly elections earlier this year, several Trinamool leaders ditched Mamata’s party to join the BJP.


NT Bureau