Next-gen cloud security management capabilities unveiled

Chennai: Cloud environments are growing ever more complex as organisations add more cloud providers, users, applications and resources.

Most security solutions are not designed for this new world and lack the end-to-end visibility needed to accurately assess risks and alert security teams of advanced attacks, leaving them to deal with both unsecured cloud resources and the cacophony of false-positive alerts.

Prisma Cloud said its CSPM updates help security teams address these issues. “Companies don’t want to slow down to secure the cloud, and they shouldn’t have to,” said Varun Badhwar, senior vice president, Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks.

“An ideal CSPM solution needs to offer coverage for all cloud resources, should stay up to date as new resources are introduced, and must effectively detect real attacks while minimising unnecessary false positives. Prisma Cloud addresses these issues and allows organizations to move quickly while staying secure.”


NT Bureau