Students should prepare for NEET: TN Health Minister Subramanian

Ma Subramanian

Chennai: Tamilnadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian has said though the State government is trying its best to get exemption from NEET, students should prepare for the exam this year.

He said that as per the current norms, medical admissions are based on NEET marks, and so students should not have any confusion over it.

Also, pointing out that the State government was not providing compensation to the families of those who died of Covid-19, Subramanian said it served no purpose for the department to hide the actual number of deaths due to the infection.

“We are not giving any compensation for Covid deaths. Because there is no monetary benefit to the government, there is no reason to hide the actual number of deaths,” he said, denying the allegation of fudging death data raised by the opposition and activists.


NT Bureau