Vitamin C market in India valued at Rs 185 crore

Chennai: “The global health crisis has resulted in a spike in demand for health and nutrition supplements and Vitamin C is one of them as it is known for its immunity supporting properties. Adults Vitamin C market in India was close to 185 crores in 2020 and is growing with CAGR of 15 per cent,” Anshu Budhraja, CEO, Amway India, ha said.

“Looking at the growth trend and with the extension of our existing range of products under the nutrition and immunity category, with Nutrilite Vitamin C Cherry Plus targeted for population with specific need we are targeting to generate more than Rs 100 crore in revenue by 2025,” he added.

Targeting individuals with weakened immunity, Amway India has launched Nutrilite Vitamin C Cherry Plus as a product for special dietary use.

According to the company, the Nutrilite Vitamin C Cherry Plus provides steady release of Vitamin C into the body for over eight hours as it is formulated with Extended-Release technology, to provide all-day immune support.


NT Bureau