‘Technology should be people-centric’

Tao Jingwen

Chennai: “We believe that technology should be people-centric,” said Tao Jingwen, a board member and chairman of the CSD Committee of Huawei.

“Technology should serve people in a manner that fully respects their rights by guaranteeing informed choice and consent,” he said in the 2020 Sustainability Report.

The Covid-19 pandemic has strained global education and healthcare systems in a way that has never been seen before, the report said and added that the company has been using its innovative ICT solutions to provide people across different regions with equal access to quality education and healthcare resources, and playing its part in the fight against the pandemic.

New band

Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced the newest member of its band series, Band 6.

With consumers increasingly demanding more from their wearable devices, the new offering, according to the company, has been greatly enhanced in terms of health and fitness monitoring, design and battery life to provide a smartwatch-like experience at the friendlier price point of a smart band.


NT Bureau