59-year-old man treated for multiple rare disorders

Chennai: A 59-year-old man for multiple neurological disorders – aneurysm, seizures and thrombus – was recently treated in Chennai.

The patient had presented with difficulty in speech, along with a pulling sensation in the right hand, and tongue which was folding inwards.

The abnormal sensations were diagnosed to be part of a seizure, later clinically confirmed with EEG.

Speaking on the case, Dr Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran, consultant neurology and
neurophysiology, Kauvery Hospital, said, “the patient was initially diagnosed for
seizures and underwent an MRI scan, when we identified an aneurysm in the brain. This was a cerebral aneurysm (a bulging or weakening in the walls of main blood vessel) that measured more than 5mm in size. We also identified a thrombus (clot in the vessel) in a major artery feeding the left brain. Hence we had to take a multi-pronged approach in treating the patient.”


NT Bureau