TN BJP divided over Kongu Nadu demand

Vanathi Srinivasan

Chennai: Even after Union Minister of State L Murugan tried to put full-stop to Kongu Nadu Statehood demand controversy by stating that his bio, which said he hailed from Kongu Nadu, was due to clerical mistake, the issue is refusing to die.

Raising the issue of a separate State of ‘Kongu Nadu’, commonly used name for western Tamilnadu, Coimbatore South MLA and BJP leader Vanathi Srinivasan has said the concept needs discussion for the betterment of the area.

“We don’t want to divide the state, but the growth of people in this region and taking care of their needs is also important and is pending for years. Depending on how the state is going to handle these issues, we might go forward with the discussion on Kongu Nadu,” she said.

Meanwhile, reiterating that the BJP does not endorse the creation of a Kongu Nadu by bifurcating western Tamilnadu, the party’s State president, K Annamalai, has said it stands for a ‘unified Tamilnadu’. There were other voices also in the Tamilndu BJP, for and against Kongu Nadu.


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