What’s special about Koo’s yellow tick

Chennai: A yellow tick on Koo recognises and celebrates a user’s eminence, stature, achievements, abilities and professional standing in Indian life.

It implies that the user is well-regarded in the Indian framework – be in an artist, scholar, sportsperson, politician, businessperson or any other field.

Koo said it welcomes all those on the platform to apply for eminence, as the yellow tick is known, at Koo.

Requests for eminence are evaluated based on internal research, third-party public resources and in the Indian context. Eminence criteria are reviewed by a special team at Koo in March, June, September and December each year.

As on date, the eminence yellow tick has been confirmed for approximately one percent of requests received and these eminent voices are given prominence in their respective language communities.


NT Bureau