Auto Updates from Lexus, Evtric Motors and Uber Rentals

Chennai: Lexus India has announced the extension of its HEV battery warranty from five years to a period of eight years.

According to the company, this announcement further enhances the Lexus ownership experience, bringing in additional benefits to Lexus Life, the brand’s exclusive ownership program.

“The extension of the HEV battery warranty reiterates the sheer commitment of providing
amazing experiences throughout the guests’ ownership cycle and strengthens the
brand’s growing mission of crafting a better tomorrow by enhancing the confidence on
Lexus’ self-charging hybrid technology,” it added.

Evtric Motors launches its first set of EV offerings

Evtric Motors, a new venture in electric vehicle space, has launched two electric scooters in the slow speed category – Axis and Ride for the Indian audiences at a price of ex-showroom Rs 64,994 and 67,996, respectively.

Evtric has announced these products are in line with its initiative to join the ongoing e-mobility mission in India.

The e-scooters are targeted at the young and family audience of India that is inclined towards responsible commutation and environment-friendly practices.

Uber Rentals expands to 39 more cities

Uber has announced that its rentals service is now available in 39 cities, with most riders using the multi-hour, multi-stop option to visit friends and family, conduct business
meetings and official work.

Other use cases emerging across the country since the product launch in June 2020 include running errands, grocery shopping, visiting a place of worship, along with shifting homes and flat hunting.

“With riders looking for convenient, affordable and safe mobility solutions to go about their daily lives, Uber Rentals allows them the flexibility to book affordable travel options in the new normal,” it added.


NT Bureau