Olympics: Shooters Tomar, Sanjeev Rajput eliminated 

Tokyo: Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar and Sanjeev Rajput fails to make the cut to the 50 m rifle 3 positions.
India’s shooting medal prospects have been crushed out with the last pair of shooters too could not move beyond the qualifiers.
Aishwary Tomar started off exceptionally well by shooting two 100s in the Kneeling position series. But his touch disintegrated in the Prone and Standing positions. His 97s in the Prone series didn’t help him measure up for the top 8 standings. Standing position series dwindled his chances further as he scored two 95s, one 93 and a 96.
Tomar’s sub-total of all the three positions would speak volumes of how good a start he had which ended in an anti-climactic manner. Kneeling position – 397, Prone position – 391, Standing position – 379.
Sanjeev Rajput on the flipside had a relatively good Prone series when compared to the poor Kneeling and Standing performances. His lone perfect-100 shot came in the Prone position. Rajput was unable to get 95s off his back which never let him progress in the standings. Sanjeev’s figures, after the mediocre shots, too are unimpressive; Kneeling – 387, Prone – 393, Standing – 377.
On the qualification side, shooters who stuck with 98s and 99s with occasional 100s have made it to the finals, some have even scraped through with a sparing 95s and 96s having a buffer of 100s like Milenko Sebic, Serhiy Kulish. The finalist are as follows according to the numerical ranking : Sergey Kamenskiy (Russia), Changhong Zhang (China), Jon-Hermann Hegg (Norway), Milenko Sebic (Serbia), Miran Maricic (Croatia), Serhiy Kulish (Ukraine) and Petar Gorsa (Croatia).