Outsiders brought in to thrash MPs in Parliament: Opposition

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and nearly a dozen other opposition leaders gathered outside Parliament today to protest an abrupt end to the monsoon session and the alleged assault on women MPs.

With a bunch of opposition leaders standing next to him, Rahul Gandhi said, “We raised the Pegasus issue, inflation, farmers issue, but were not allowed to speak in Parliament. Today, we had to come out here to speak to you as we are not allowed to speak in Parliament. This is murder of democracy.”

He added: “This is the first time that MPs have been attacked in Parliament. Outsiders were brought in who thrashed the MPs. Even then, they talk about the Chairman’s tears. The Chairman’s job is to make the House run.”

A joint statement said, “Without any provocation… outsiders, who were not part of Parliament security, were brought in to manhandle opposition leaders and members, including women MPs who were only protesting the government’s conduct, highhandedness and muzzling of their voice.”

It slammed the government for its ‘authoritarian attitude and undemocratic actions’, and accused it of deliberately derailing the monsoon session despite the opposition having unanimously conveyed the need to discuss important national issues like the Pegasus row.


NT Bureau