Safeguard India from communalism: Prince of Arcot

Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali

Chennai: Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, has appealed to all to safeguard peace, communal harmony, tolerance and secularism and to defend democratic values, the Constitution and the rule of law and desist from communalism and hatred.

In his message on the 75th Independence Day celebrations, he said though we celebrate seventy five years of India’s Independence, we must now at least realise that democracy and social justice are not just inter-linked, but also inter-dependent.

It is common knowledge that more than thirty crore of our population are below the poverty line, without proper food, shelter, education and employment, according to the National Sample Survey Organisation, he said.

“I call upon my sisters and brothers to join hands and stand up for communal amit, secularism, fraternity and human solidarity. Let us build a strong, united, democratic, just and prosperous secular India,” he added.


NT Bureau