Afghan blasts: ISIS claims responsibility, Biden vows to pay back

New Delhi: ISIS struck the crowded gates of Kabul airport in a suicide bomb attack on Thursday, killing scores of civilians and at least 13 US troops, disrupting the airlift of tens of thousands of Afghans desperate to flee.

Hours after the twin blasts, a third explosion was reported by news agency AFP while unconfirmed reports said there may have been more. Kabul health officials were quoted as saying 60 civilians were killed.

ISIS said one of its suicide bombers targeted ‘translators and collaborators with the American army’. US officials also blamed the group.

United States President Joe Biden vowed to retaliate against Thursday’s attack in Kabul, saying that he will hunt down those responsible and make them pay.

Biden confirmed in a speech from the White House on Thursday that the bombings were carried out by the Islamic State in Khorasan Province, ISKP (ISIS-K), ISIL’s affiliate in Afghanistan.


NT Bureau